My son uses your soap & body butter. He loves it! It is very soothing to his eczema and is keeping the inflammation down. When he runs out, we will be placing another order. Thanks for making an awesome soap for people who have eczema!!

~Amy W.

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Fans of Centri Terra

I used the Thieves soap, and LOVED it!!!!  It's a real winner!  The scent is amazing and I like how creamy it feels.

~Kathy N.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product! I bought a bar of African Black soap and fell in love after my first use. My legs are as smooth as silk when I shave with it. Thanks again.

~Rachel H.

Your Lavender Rosemary Body Butter is the best thing I have put on my skin in a long time. I absolutely love it!

~Deanna L.

I purchased a Lavender Swirl, and am VERY pleased with it!  I use it on my face, and had been using Dove's original beauty bar and thought that was the gold standard.  Boy, was I wrong!!  Your soap was extremely gentle, left ZERO redness, and even removed my eye makeup effortlessly.  I cannot thank you enough, and I will definitely be buying more!

~ Nicole K.